ADHD Mums! Change Your ADHD Child’s Behaviour in 7 Days!


ADHD Mums! Change Your ADHD Child’s Behaviour in 7 Days! Discover the Secret to Unlock Your ADHD Child’s Potential, Proven Strategies to Turnaround Your ADHD Child’s Behaviour


  • Be willing to challenge your current understanding of ADHD and learn what ADHD is really all about
  • Be open minded to new ideas


Behaviour is brain based.

Your ADHD child’s behaviour  is greatly influenced by their brain development. Your ADHD child  is not being naughty or rebellious. They just have deficits in their executive functions. These are found in the pre-frontal cortex in the brain.

Regular parenting strategies don’t work for your ADHD child. You need ADHD specific behaviour management strategies. These will only be effective when you understand the root cause of your ADHD child’s difficulties and misbehaviour. Your ADHD child  really does want to succeed at home and in school.

The right ADHD knowledge is the key for all change.

The right ADHD knowledge brings acceptance and understanding.

In this course you will will gain a deep understanding of your ADHD child’s executive functions and how they work to help your ADHD child succeed in life. This is the root of all change. You will  learn just how powerful your child’s executive functions are, and how they play a vital role in your child’s ability to focus and behave at school and at home.

Armed with this knowledge, and the simple and easy to implement ADHD tools that you will learn, you will be well on the way to help your ADHD child manage their behaviour and take ownership of their ADHD.

The sky isn’t even the limit!

Who this course is for:

  • Mums of ADHD children who are experiencing anxiety and depression
  • Anyone who wants to learn skills to cope with stress
  • Anyone looking to develop healthy self-care tools

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