Basic Business Fundamentals – Operations Management

Basic Business Fundamentals – Operations Management


  • This is a basic course – notepad and writing implements
  • Calculator
  • Access to computer
  • A business dictionary
  • Ideally, work experience to enable you to relate this to your work
  • An interest in learning the basics of business
  • Time to do follow up homework


This is a very unusual course. In terms of CONTENT it is pitched at someone who is just starting on a course in business.

BUT…owing to the speed of some of the lectures, the constant outpouring of ideas, this will be of use for any student studying business.

In particular the material is current as at late August 2022.

The Instructor has many years experience in delivering business courses to age range 15 and upwards. It is recognised that pupils/students can get bored – very easily. Therefore to gain attention, many lectures have short snippets of films in that illustrate the theme of the lecture – and these are films that the Instructor has starred in.

That makes the course unique.

The final seven lectures are ‘Revision lectures’. These go over old ground and questions are asked – and asked again. In the Resources section there is a booklet giving prompts.

So this course is absolutely ideal for the beginner to business, who needs to feel involved rather than just watching a bunch of videos. To that end questions are asked during the lecture – and students given a minute to answer. Plus active use of the Q/A is encouraged.

Business fundamentals…business basics for someone who is approaching the subject for the first time and needs a course that is current, approaches the subject in an unusual way and where the whole series of lectures is seen as two-way discussion.

Topics covered:

  • Quality control
  • Customer service
  • Technology
  • Developing an effective workforce
  • Organisational structures
  • Revision (7 lectures)
  • Cost minimisation
  • Labour productivity
  • The environment

Who this course is for:

  • Those thinking of a business career
  • Students beginning a business course
  • Pupils at school studying a ‘general’ business course
  • Students whose first language is NOT English and are looking for a basic introduction to business



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