• The basic ability to read and write English.



Introduction ( How To Start A Conversation In English )

1. Different Ways To Say Hello and Goodbye

2. Different Ways To Say Yes and No

3. Ways To Ask/Say How Someone is

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4. Ways To Reply To How Are You

5. Ways To Say Thank You And Welcome

6. Ways To Say Sorry

7. Ways To Respond To An Apology

8. Phrases To Introduce Yourself In English

9. Some Other Phrases Related To Introduction

10. Ways To Show Interest

11. Ways To End Up A Conversation Politely

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12. Phrases For Telephonic Conversations

13. Phrases To Inquire About Something

14. Ways To Say I Don’t Know

15. Phrases To Talk About Food

16. Verbs Related To Cooking And Food

17. Word Of The Day: Glutton

18. Meaning Of The Word Diet

19. Phrases To Talk About Clothes

20. Phrases For Responding To Good News

21. Phrases For Responding To Bad News

22. Phrases For Inviting People

23. Phrases To Reply To The Invitation

24. Ways To Make An Offer/Ways To Respond To An Offer

25. Ways To Wish Happy Birthday And Happy Anniversary

26. Phrases To Talk About Future Plans/Possibilities

27. Phrases To Talk About Likes And Dislikes

28. Frequently Misspelled Words

29. Usage/Spellings Of Words: British Versus American

30. Phrases To Talk About Jobs/Work

31. Phrases For Describing Relationships

32. Phrases To Ask For Clarification

33. Ways To Encourage Someone

34. Phrases For Complaining

35. Phrases Related To Shopping

36. Phrases To Talk About Streaming Services And T.V.

37. Phrases (At The Airport)

38. Useful Sentences To Talk About Price

39. Sentences To Talk About Financial Status

40. How to Start A Conversation In English

Who this course is for:

  • All learners who need to speak English like native speakers.

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