Biblical Typology and the Old Testament Tabernacle



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Hi. I am really excited to share this course on Biblical Typology and the Old Testament tabernacle with you. I find that once you know the symbolism behind the different pieces of furniture in the Old Testament tabernacle and why they were the sizes they were or made of specific materials it really helps this part of the Bible come alive. Often, if we don’t have this knowledge, we can just kind of skim over these sections of the Bible and find them quite boring but once we understand them and their typology they really come alive. I hope you will join me in this course and find it as interesting as I do.

In this course we will walk through the tabernacle, starting by looking at its position within the Israelite community and why it was placed where it was placed.

We will then have a look at the roof and curtains, the materials they were made of, their dimensions and what significance these had.

Then we move into the tabernacle itself and start looking at the different items of furniture, firt in the outer court, then the Holy Place and lastly the Holy of Holies. We will look at the dimensions, the materials used, the functions and other aspects which may be relevant to their significance and what they mean in terms of a prophetic picture of Jesus or in our personal Christian lives today.

We will look at a lot of different scriptures (mostly King James Version although where necessary we will use the NIV to explain.)

We hope you join us in this wonderful tour through the tabernacle and that it helps make your Bible reading so much more interesting and alive.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for those who want to dig deeper into what the Bible actually means and study the BIble in more depth than most church groups allow. You don’t need any theological qualifications, just a desire to learn more about the Word of God.


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