Complete Google Slides from Scratch


Complete Google Slides from Scratch, The only Course you need for your Google Slides Journey


  • No prerequisite as such – Just a Gmail account is enough
  • Willingness to learn


Google Slide is a free web-based tool offered by Google. It is an alternative to Microsoft Powerpoint. Although, it is not so powerful as Microsoft Powerpoint and it has most of the similar features that Powerpoint has and it is completely free.

This is a complete Google Slides Course where you will learn –

  • Design Great looking professional presentations in Google Slides
  • Create a customized template or theme for work or clients
  • Master to create amazing tables, Charts, and Graphs
  • Tips & Tricks of using Google Slides effectively – Save up to 80% of time
  • To use free Resources for your Google Slides
  • Publish the Google Slides to Web
  • To add images and Backgrounds in the most effective way
  • Share and collaborate the presentation with everyone including colleagues, Students, and Seniors.
  • Apply animation and transitions in your Google Slides document
  • How to present in presenter view
  • Increase engagement and interactivity with your audience
  • How to enable Gamified experience
  • Add Multiple Choice Questions, Quizzes, Fill in the blanks, notes, etc in your presentation
  • Best add-ons for Google Slides
  • Best ways to insert images, Gifs, video, audio, bitmoji, etc.
  • Enhance your Text styles with free tools


Do reach out to the course Q/A section for any questions related to the Course.

Other Benefits:

I will also show you how you can create good themes in a couple of minutes and you can sell this to your client as well.

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals who wants to master Google slides as an alternative to PowerPoint
  • Educators or Teachers who wants a better engaging and interactive classes
  • College Students
  • Those who have a basic knowledge of Google slides can also take this course to enhance their skill
  • Entrepreneurs who wants to master Google Slides to effectively give presentation

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