Corporate ESG Fundamental for Business leaders



  • Basic understanding of business operations
  • Basic business management skills


According to a survey by Edelman, 96% of U.S. investors expect the firm they invested in to increase the prioritization of ESG. From CSR – corporate social responsibility to ESG – environmental, social and governance, how businesses are impacting the environment and the social communities around them had become increasingly important.

So what is ESG? Why do businesses need to start addressing ESG related issues? What could be included in each of the three categories? And what makes a good ESG report?

This course will teach you the fundamentals of ESG, including:
– The definition of ESG

– Benefits of adopting ESG strategies to businesses

– Elaboration on each of the 3 aspects

– Best practices of a good ESG report

– Case Study

By finishing this course, you would be expected to be able to read through an ESG report and identify what are the highlights and what could be improved – which you will practice in the final assignment.

WISDP was registered in Hong Kong in October 2017 as a Company Limited by Guarantee to drive the training and foster professional recognition of sustainable development in the business, education and public sectors. It has formally been launched in February 2018 and is striving to establish strategic partnerships with like-minded institutions to advocate the UN Agenda 2030. WISDP operates in the form of a Learned Society and a Research Institute and works with a view to providing training programmes for professionals. It has established memberships and certification processes to recognize the training, experiences and contributions of individuals and corporations to sustainable development.

Who this course is for:

  • Forward-thinking business leaders
  • ESG report writers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sustainability Consultants
  • Management Consultants
  • CEOs



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