Docker Certified Associate Practice Exam (DCA) + EXP


Pass Docker Certified Associate Practice Exam (DCA) Certification successfully + Explanations

Become an Certified Docker Exam 2022 [DCA] in First Attempt with 300+ Score

Looking forward to achieving a professional career as an Docker, and specifically meant for building and deploying new applications that are faster and easier to handle

Docker certification is mainly targeted to those candidates who want to build their career all the technical knowledge, skills, and experience in IT. Docker certification is for anyone who using Docker platform in its business operations.

Below are a few of the key concepts based on their weightage that you should get hands-on while you start preparing for a DCA certification:

Certified Docker (DCA) certification indicates expertise in application deployment , Container Orchestration knowledges , Docker Enterprise Edition and Docker Swarm. On passing this exam, you’ll have proven that you can install and configure containerized applications using Docker, making it a useful benchmark of your IT skills.

This practice test will help you prepare for the real DCA official exam test environment.

Whether you are seeking a new career opportunity or striving to grow within your current entreprise, a Docker certification proves your expertise in these work-related domains:

  • Container Orchestration envirenement.
  • Docker Swarm/Kubernetes.

· Image Creation, Registry and Management

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Security & Networking
  • Storage and Volumes

Image Creation, Registry and Management Note:- The course contains three practice test each practice test of 50 questions, timed to 90 minutes, and passing score adjusted at 70%. This simulates, to a great deal, the actual exam experience.


  • 300+ Test Questions
  • 6 Practice Sets
  • Lifetime Access
  • Detailed Explanation of correct and incorrect choice
  • Reply to all queries/doubts at the earliest

Topics covered

  • Container Orchestration
  • Docker Swarm/Kubernetes.
  • Image Creation, Registry and Management
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Security & Networking
  • Storage and Volumes

Best of luck!

· Number of Questions: 50

· Passing Score: Above 70%

· Test Duration: 90 minutes

· Test Format: Multiple Choice

Who this course is for:

  • Certified Docker Associate Exam Training 2022
  • Anyone who are preparing for DCA Exam Certification.
  • IT Professionals
  • All Beginner who wants to Pass DCA Crtifiaction Exam 2022


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