Entrepreneurship for Introverts



  • Openness to growing and evolving through self-reflection and experimentation


There are a lot of business and entrepreneurship courses out there. This one is aimed specifically at introverts – which I’m defining as people with a rich inner world who may have more inhiations about interacting with other people – and the unique challenges they face.

I┬ábelieve introverts face unique challenges, which aren’t always addressed in conventional advice, and that our path to growth lies disproportionately in our mindset and attitude. We have specific patterns of mental hurdles that are particularly common to us, and the way in which we process them and move past them can tend to be pretty internal.

If you’re someone who feels like they have a potential or a great idea but are feeling lost or worried about how to express it; this course will help you break through and express your passion in the world in an authentic way that stay true to you.

I created this course after struggling with all the issues and challenges described here myself – and then working with others as a business coach as they struggled with similar issues. Here you’ll find a gentle series of insights that give you permission to have a compassionate view towards yourself and your journey (no hardline “willpower” speeches here, we all know your procrastination powers are way stronger than that), combined with an extensive list of additional resources and inspiration that have helped me in my own journey.

Who this course is for:

  • Introverts and quiet types who have a vision but are wondering how to express themselves and their potential in the world.

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