Fundamental of PN Junction Diode – Application Point of View



  • Basic knowledge of science.
  • Basic ideas of current, voltage and electric field.
  • Basic knowledge of Diode.


Hi Friends,

Are you Preparing for Interview in Electronics? Don’t be stressed, take our PN Junction Diode- Application Point of View Course and prepare yourself for your Interview. After resistor, capacitor and Inductor one of the most widely used electronic components is the PN junction diode. Here you Learn the use of PN Junction diode in Different Application Such: Rectifier, Clipper, Clamper and Multiplier Circuit. PN Junction diode is a basic component in electronics, so it is necessary for every students that he learn the Basic Concept of PN Junction Diode. In this Course You Will Learn the Application of PN Junction Diodes and take the first leap to the world of Electronics.

This Course will Covers following Application of PN Junction Diode:

  • What is the use of  Rectifier Circuit ?
    • Working of Half Wave Rectifier.
    • Working of Full Wave Rectifier.
    • Working of Full Wave Bridge Rectifier.
  • Ripple factor of Rectifier Circuit.
  • What is the Clipper Circuit ?
    • Positive Clipper Circuit.
    • Negative Clipper Circuit.
  • What is the Clamper Circuit?
    • Positive Clamper Circuit.
    • Negative Clamper Circuit.
  • What is the use of Voltage multipliers Circuit.

In This Course we explain every topic in Simple and Easy Way.

Feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions in PN Junction Diode- Application Point of View Course. Also this course has 30 days money back guarantee without any delay the applicants participate in this Course

All the best for your learning journey of Application of PN Junction Diode !


Harish Kumar Maheshwari

Who this course is for:

  • The course is for those Students who want to make Carrier in electronics.
  • This Course if for Diploma and Engineering Students.



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