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  • Minimal Background in Graphic Design or any Creative Field


–NEW 6/27/21 – Additional files added- enhanced audio version as “podcast style” for EVERY lesson now available! —

Artists, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Marketers – get on board and supplement your income while you sleep!

I wasn’t always in a position to pick and choose my design clients. I struggled when I started out. A LOT.

One of the things that allowed me to spend more time hunting GREAT design clients was having a steady income behind the scenes, selling my art and design on everything from posters, to mugs to shower curtains!

  • Want to make money off your art without clients?
  • Want to be able to sell the same art item hundreds of times over?
  • Want to have someone else do the work and wake up to sales notices and direct deposits?
  • Want to see your favorite designs on shirts, mugs, journals & more available for purchase around the globe?

>> SPOILER ALERT: This is not a technical class about click here and click there. This is a class for those who want to do the work, make money on the side, and be inspired as to the possibilities that most designers are too lazy or too short-sighted to pursue with free resources already available to them. Yes, I’m direct. <<

Take this class to learn how to get your art on thousands of products worldwide, earning royalties automatically!

No products to buy, store, or ship. No money to collect or customer questions to answer! Create as much or as little as you want on your own schedule, constantly adding to your arsenal of passive income hooks out in the universe bringing you cash!

*** This class also includes my eBook- Online Shops – My Seller Secrets FREE! ***

We will be using it as a syllabus walking through the sections, but I’m adding my own iSight and additional tips and tricks as we go!

Do you want to…….

Make Money Without Clients

Between gigs, on the side, as a full-time job or just during the holidays, the flexibility to create and earn is unlimited.

Sell product 24/7 Without Deposits Or Inventory Storage

Your online shop is open and earning all day, everyday without any need to buy, ship or store inventory.

Create A Dependable Steady Stream Of Passive Income

Once dialed in, your income stream is only dependent on how many products you list and how much you want to advertise – if at all!

Build Your Skill Set And Portfolio As A Designer

Building a store for yourself also gives you the tools and experience needed to set them up for friends and clients as a billable service!

The topics covered are a perfect fit for any designer, photographer, artist, etc with even just a BASIC knowledge of image editing to make your designs look the best in your shop as products people will love!

Introvert Friendly!

Burnt out on networking, sales calls, and client meetings? Take a step back and create a store that never expires but will continue to earn you money. And you never have to talk to anyone 🙂

Completely Automated

Everything from the shopping experience to the purchase, to the shipping is completely handled by the online store. You do nothing but upload your art and text and pick the products you want to sell. I’m not promoting ONE specific system – I give you several free sites to get you started, and there are many more to choose from!

No Financial Investment

Online shops cost nothing but time to create and I’ll show you how to do it fast and effectively the first time through!

In this class you will learn:

  • Descriptions, bios, keywords, hashtags – what do they all mean and what do you really need to spend time on?
  • Notes on cropping, file types, and which items match your uploads best!
  • The exact shops I use to generate passive income through merchandising my art and why I like them.
    This info alone will save you YEARS of trial and error!
  • What you’ll need to start your store.
  • A walk-through of step-by-step WITH SCREENSHOTS of uploading your art and creating your first online products!
  • How to get the most out of your efforts so you don’t spin your wheels on products that won’t help your revenue and will waste your time to set up.
  • Things to keep in mind while working, extras that make the difference, and basic terminology that will make you a pro before you even set up a shop!
  • PLUS A full copy of my eBook!

Build A Portfolio • Enjoy Additional Streams of Income • Upload the Image Once and Sell Over and Over Again!

About Julianne Black DiBlasi:

B.A. Fine Arts, B.S. Computer Animation, A.A. Multimedia Design. Certified Life Coach, Business Coach and Time Management Coach. Certified & Registered Mentor with Pinellas County Schools.

The recipient of multiple awards for writing, graphic design, and artwork, her work as an internationally recognized graphic designer, digital illustration fanatic, and digital/print promotion specialist has earned her the opportunity to work with globally recognized brands with worldwide impact.


Monthly columnist and Purple Dragonfly Book Awards judge for Story Monsters Ink Magazine since 2017, a publication specializing in Children’s Literature.

She’s authored and illustrated over a dozen children’s books, including the Augmented Reality enhanced Sleep Sweet, exhibited at BookExpo 2017 in New York City, New York, and is being used nationwide in children’s hospitals for relaxation and distraction therapy.

Her digital art has been published several years in a row in ComicCon International’s Souvenir Book, Art 278, and multiple travel and trade publications.

Her fine art has been showcased in the Dunedin Fine Arts Center, Stirling Gallery & The Maturango Museum in Ridgecrest CA

Who this course is for:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Artists
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Logo Designers
  • Portfolio Students
  • Art Students


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