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  • All you need is your Curious Brain & Willingness to learn!


Do you know? A single underline to single dot in signature says something interesting about your personality. Similarly what name you write what size you have also says a lot. If you are new to Graphology then this course will help you get started in this fields.

Here’s What You will learn in this FREE signature analysis course:

1. Fundamentals about Graphology

2. Different Sign Types

3. Why sign reveals public persona?

4. Elements in sign – Dots, Size, Spacing, Names, Conditions, Underlines, Direction, Placements, Readable, Celebrity Sign

5. Negative Traits – Suicide Signature, X formation sign, Circle Around Names

If you are someone who see many signature on a daily basis then this course is best for you (Human Resources, Mental Health, Psychology, Teachers, Doctors, Etc.)

After completion of this course:

1. The Way You Look At Signature Will Significantly Change

2. You will be able to find someone’s persona by just sign. It could be a stranger, celebrity, friends, family anyone

This is the Mini Version Of The Main Complete Signature Analysis Online Certification Course…You Can Check The Course Below!

Graphology Is The Skill Which Only Few People Know About So Learning This Skill Will Make You Famous Among Your Social Circle

You’ll Also Get:

1. Lifetime Access to course updates

2. Fast & Friendly Support in the Q&A section

Thank You For Joining In!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in learning something new and unique!
  • Psychologists, Psychotherapists
  • Professionals as well as beginners who work in human behavior, mental health industry
  • Human Resources (HR) professionals
  • For Counselors, Teachers, Doctors
  • Personality Development Students
  • People who want to know about themselves, others


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