Heal from the Narcissist with Ho’oponopono



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Hello and Welcome to my course:

“Heal from The Narcissist with Ho’oponopono”

Learning The Ho’oponopono Prayer/mantra will not only re-program negative subconscious triggers but will also re-wire the subconscious to before The Narcissist got hold of you.

The Narcissist secretly works with your “Inner child” and your “Inner critic” adding more cognitive damage to your development, leaving you stuck in illusion and confusion (for years)

Ho’oponopono helps you rewire your subconscious programming to 0 (When you were born) before your belief system and subconscious were conditioned. This opens so many doors for you in life.

Section 1: Stop The Narcissist taking your supply:

In this section, all the lectures will be about how to be one step ahead by knowing the way they think, the way they keep you in a loop, and how they are programmed to work. This section will also include details on how to negotiate with them, bounce back from their gaslighting, disarm, outsmart, and how to recover from them.

Section 2: Healing and Co-dependency

After section 1 you will know everything you need to know about Narcissists. so once you have got your head around that it is then time to work on you!!!!

time to remove them trauma bonds that bind you together, cut the cords, love yourself so much they can’t reach you, and face your fears!!

Section 3: Ho’oponopono

In this section, we will learn what The Ho’oponopono prayer is and how to use it.

How Ho’oponopono can help you with Narcissistic abuse, how it can help you with arguments, and to stop attracting negative posts in your newsfeed on social media.

Section 4: added extras

In this section, I have included a lecture on how to achieve your goals in 90 days using an NLP technique (Neuro-linguistic programming)

And also a little about The 13 Karma Laws, plus all the resources.

I wish you well in your Journey

Rebecca Renee

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