Heal Your Root Chakra for Money and Open Gates of Prosperity



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Heal your root chakra, manifest abundance, release limiting beliefs that are holding you back from true prosperity

Discover your root chakra’s major blockages and how to heal it using energy healing practices. Learn how to shift from a scarcity mentality to an abundant mindset.

After this course, you will master how to unblock your root chakra by shifting your energy and mindsets.

How you ever wondered…

What it would mean to become financially stable?

What would it mean to live life with a sense of peace, purpose, and presence?

Without anxiety? Without stress?

What if I were to tell you you can do all this by implementing a routine that will take less than 10 minutes a day?

My Story – How it all started

I remember spending hours in my head and swimming in ideas.

I remember liking it there better than the real world.

The result?

I could not get anything done and I could not understand what was wrong with me.

I never felt present. My friends constantly joked about how I was always “zoned out”

As I got into spirituality and worked on my money mindset, I discovered that this problem that was far more insidious.

My root chakra was out of whack.

This is the reason why I was the way I was.

In my head.

Always a dream, never an action taker.

And this is why I could not manifest anything.

Because in order to manifest something, you have to turn an idea into reality.

And I lacked the energetic capacity to do this


I was introduced to the world of chakras and energy healing and started learning this material inside out.

And finally, I started to harness the power of FLOW, ENERGY, and SPIRITUALITY

Suddenly Everything Started to Shift.

I started creating things, products, and businesses.

I started being more in my physical surroundings than in my head.

I went from being aloof and socially awkward to becoming the life of the party

What if I told you…

Manifesting abundance is very simple when done using the power of chakras

When your energy is balanced, your can manifest with ease

That You Can Step Away From The Daily Grind And Use this Power to Create a Life Full of Happiness and Abundace

Just imagine the possibilities

Does any of this sound like you…

Always in a constant state of worry and anxiety about your future

The feeling that money will always run out and that there is never enough

That you are not enough

The secret sauce is…

Using the energetic principles to balance your money chakra and take action from take aligned from

After this course, you will master how to..

Discover your root chakra’s major blockages and how to heal it using energy healing practices. Learn how to shift from a scarcity mentality to an abundant mindset. Increase your energy, clarity, and focus as you learn mindfulness techniques.

Balance your root chakra and increase your presence, energy, clarity, and focus.

Become a money magnet by shifting from a scarcity mentality to an abundant mindset. 

Bring awareness into areas of life that might not be so clear or may be causing

Feel more present and embodied in the now

Learn to Tap into the Power of Flow, and Creativity and knowing that you are divinely guided

Your Instructor: Poonam is a well-known Spiritual Blogger, a Certified Beliefs Clearing, and Reiki Practitioner. Her mission is to help heart-centered women monetize their purpose through spirituality, flow state, and intuition using practical and effective techniques

Who this course is for:

  • For anyone looking to manifest money through chakra alignment


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