How To Start A Successful Freelancing Buisness 2021



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I get an inside look at many industries through my work with diverse clients.Let me tell you….that was certainly an interesting Vantage point to be looking out from this past years. More than year in recent memory 2020 brought profound changes across all industries but I found that the SO CALLED GIG ECONOMY IS HAS BEEN GROWING STEADILY here are some numbers to explain it..

Why freelancing is the best passive means of income? Following are some simple explanations of this question:

Restrictions on workers mobility due to the pandemic has enhanced the demand of remote workers.

It provides a wide range of flexibility in working hours, working space and provides a means of work from home.

According to global statistics, the share of full-time freelancers grew from 17% to 38% in the last 5 years.

Freelancers contribute almost $1 million to the American economy or 5% of the total GDP.

60% of freelancers claim that they make more money than their previous jobs.

Average hourly wage for a skilled freelancer is $28 and the median earning of a newbie is almost $20. 

55% of the workers in the entertainment industry are freelancers as 85% of the freelancers are graphic designers and they earn on average $85 per hour.

Highly professional coding and software engineers who provide consultancy services charge up to $1000 on hourly basis.

You can efficiently provide any kind of remote service with this platform.even services like finding influencers.

This course is best for beginners with little to no experience; however, professionals can also be benefitted from this work as they can further polish and exemplify their services. In this course I will teach you to

choose niche that is unique and provide value

1..make impactful first impression and catch attention of 95% buyers it’s first and foremost step to increase your conversations..

2 write attention grabbing title, overview and how to make make introduction vedio to increase your convertions

3 Know yourself better and stand out by Developing competitive advantage.

4 Learn how to best negotiate deals and charge according to value that you put on the table

5 Learn to write and sell more

6. Choose right job and right project so that by writting nice cover letter


8 build impressive portfolio and how to use social proves

9 better negotiate and communicate

10 price your service in three tier strategy and based on value that you provide

11 convert buyer into regular customer by exceeding expectations.


Who this course is for:

  • This course is best for Anyone who wants to start a passive income or desire to become financially independent or wants to replace 9 to 5 job with sled employment


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