Interactive PowerPoint Presentations Made Simple


Interactive PowerPoint Presentations Made Simple, Build up your engaging interactive environment in PowerPoint that you simply enjoy watching!


We go through step by step in a sample presentation and you will build up your virtual environment from scratch. You will learn the basic techniques to develop your story with characters and different scenes. The whole process will be a bit like making your own movie. It will enable you to put yourself in a storyteller role, while we keep the focus on educational and/or selling purposes.

Depending on your content, you can achieve your presentation goals easier, if you can create a movie-like experience. A movie or simply a video clip is never static but dynamic, in every second a surprise can arise, if we enjoy watching it, we don’t even have time to get bored, keeping our attention is not even a question. When you explain something in PowerPoint, you can follow the same principles because you have all the tools to make it happen. You will simply need a well developed structure, characters, well fitting pictures, consistency in your design, effective zoom movements (camera movements), then you are good to go.

Enjoy the new PowerPoint that changed the game and utilize it whenever you present, teach, sell or simply explain your knowledge, idea, information digitally.

Who this course is for:

  • Teachers, professors, educators, instructors who regularly present to groups, students and use PowerPoint as visual aid to support the learners
  • Online course creators, Webinar presenters, all digital presenters on the web, who are to present on the screen and explain their content visually
  • Professionals who present on a regular base to clients or colleagues, stakeholders and use PowerPoint (or other software) as visual aids
  • Those who are interested in creating videos by themselves but a video editing software seems too complex; with PowerPoint today you can create very professional videos with the techniques learned from this course
  • Sales professionals
  • Marketing professionals
  • HR professionals
  • E-Learning Designers
  • Startups, freelancers who are looking for budget solutions to create instructional videos but with high quality at the same time

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