Irish Myths and Legends for Kids



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Ireland has a rich literary tradition that reaches back hundreds and thousands of years. Heroic figures and legendary kings and queens walk the landscape of this deep cultural memory. These tales have delighted and inspired generations of Irish people and lovers of all things Irish. They also form the beginning of a love of story sharing, forming a gateway into understanding literature, history and Irish culture.

This course is for children and suitable for home schooling; it is designed for parents to help with entertaining and educating their children. It can also provide a valuable resource for the SESE (Social, Environmental and Scientific Education) Irish curriculum with regard to story, myths and legends. In the United Kingdom it will suit children at Key Stage 2-3 and in the United States, students at K-8 or elementary-middle stages.

Over the course of Irish Myths and Legends for Kids, we will present twelve classical Irish legends, retold in a style designed to engage with children and adults alike. As the stories progress, we encourage listeners to think about the actions and feelings of the characters and the values, beliefs and traditions reflected from ancient Ireland through these stories. There will be laughs, wonder, surprises and great characters. This is a great resource to learn more about Ireland, story telling, traditions, human nature and the power of myth.

Who this course is for:

  • Course designed to provide parents, guardians and teachers of six to twelve year old children with resources for storytelling
  • Lovers of Irish Myth and Legend
  • Those interested in all things Irish


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