Mastering Digital CMOS Layout Design



  • Digital circuit design


IC Layout mask designer are in high demand right now and the specialized tool Microwind gives benefits to future design engineers and the instructors so that they can get a competitive edge in their careers by having skilled knowledge on CMOS circuits; which attracts the employers.

The fabrication of integrated circuits is based on the layout of patterned material-layers one on top of the other. Several such layers are not accessible to the circuit‟s layout-designer because they are required for isolation  or electrical contacts between the semiconductor device and the supporting interconnect structure. In order to get from circuit topology to the actual layout-topology, the designer should have a firm understanding of the representation of devices in a layout and also the ability to do the reverse, i.e. seeing a layout and having an idea of the corresponding circuit and therefore the circuit‟s function. Specialize software tools aid the designers in both of these directions.

Microwind is a friendly Windows-PC software-tool for designing and simulating microelectronic circuits at layout level. The tool features full editing facilities attractive views such as MOS characteristics, 2D cross-sections, 3D views, atomic views and efficient analog simulator. No SPICE or external simulator is needed. The analog simulator is built-in.

After successful completion of course students will be able to

Understand the working of PMOS and NMOS

Understand the IC fabrication technology

Understand the operation of CMOS Inverter and its characteristics

Understand the importance of power delay product in IC technology

Know about the layout and simulation tool

Understand the Design Rules and know about DRC

Know the procedure for implementation of various digital circuits

In contents of the course are as follows:

Module 1: Basics of CMOS



Fabrication Process

Module 2: CMOS Inverter

CMOS Inverter working

CMOS Inverter characteristics

Power Delay Product (PDP)

Module 3: Layout & Simulation tool

Introduction to Microwind

Design Rule Check (DRC)

CMOS Inverter Implementation

Module 4: Layout Design and Simulation Examples

Stick diagram

Layout design & simulation example 1

Layout design & simulation example 2

Layout design & simulation example 3

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner IC Layout designer


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