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In this step-by-step Quick Short Course, Learn How to use Power Pivot in Microsoft Excel.

Power Pivot is a data modeling technology that lets you create data models, establish relationships,

and create calculations. With Power Pivot you can work with large data sets, builds extensive relationships, and create complex (or simple) calculations, all in a high-performance environment, and all within the familiar experience of Excel.

Power Pivot: Powerful data analysis and data modeling in Excel

Power Pivot is an Excel add-in you can use to perform powerful data analysis and create sophisticated data models. With Power Pivot, you can mash up large volumes of data from various sources, perform information analysis rapidly, and share insights easily.

In both Excel and in Power Pivot, you can create a Data Model, a collection of tables with relationships. The data model you see in a workbook in Excel is the same data model you see in the Power Pivot window. Any data you import into Excel is available in Power Pivot, and vice versa.

For this course project you need to download the attach sample files.

Then we will do a brief overview of those sample files. And then you need to perform the following task in your Excel.

Project Task :-

Enable Power Pivot add-in

Create a data model

Define relationships, Calculations and Measures

Insert PivotTable from data model

Also do Practice for KPIs, PivotChart and Slicers

Who this course is for:

  • For All Levels Step by Step Quick Start Short Course


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