Pencil Sketching: The Ultimate Pencil Art & Drawing Course



  • you will need basic stationery
  • HB pencils
  • Thick sketch sheets
  • Blending tools
  • sharpener
  • 2 types of erasers
  • tissue paper


Hey! Are you interested in sketching and drawing? Or do you Love to draw things or May be you want to draw from you imagination but you found it difficult, then this is the perfect course for you,

Sketch is the process of roughly scribbling ideas on paper. It allows us to bring your ideas to life. You may use sketching to practice your artistic skills like proportion or perspective

In this course we are going to start with basics like Introduction to Drawing and Sketching

Tools you will require to begin with

how to hold pencil while drawing

lines, rectangles & circles

Line practice

Basics of line drawing

Cross contour lines

Drawing organic shape using contour line

Basics of Geometry & organic shapes

Drawing landscape/scenery with geometric shapes

Basics of 3d geometric forms

Drawing Animals 3d form with light & shadow effect

Create a value scale

Shading Techniques

Gradation and other shading compositions

How to draw a realistic eye -1

How to draw a realistic eye -2

Basic structure of animals

Drawing dog and wolf structure

Drawing a horse

One point perspective

Drawing a street in a One point perspective

Two point perspective

Drawing a house with Two point perspective

3 point perspective.

Different type of eye shapes

how to do different type of noses

different shapes of lips

how to draw realistic hairs

how to draw face and many more.

These basics will help you to build a strong foundation. Then we’ll learn about some important art techniques, sketching fundamentals, realism, perspective , facial features and many more.

This course is specially designed for beginners as well as intermediate level artists. All techniques and tricks used in this course are easy to learn.

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone from absolute beginners to experienced artists who want to learn or master a traditional drawing technique.
  • Anyone wanting to learn to draw and get better at drawing!
  • Artists wanting to improve their drawing skills.
  • Anyone who wants to learn sketching, drawing
  • Art Students
  • Art hobbyist
  • Anyone who want to produce amazing, fun, and beautiful colored pencil drawings
  • Artists or designers new to colored pencils or those who want to learn more techniques, methods, and materials.
  • People who want to effectively draw still life, animals, landscapes, portraits, and more using colored pencils.


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