Prescribe medication for Community pharmacist : Eye disorder


Prescribe medication for Community pharmacist : Eye disorder, Professional Community pharmacist program : Eye disorder


  • English good, Pharmacy student at least, or Medical student


Hi, my name is Ahmed Alaa, I have been graduated from Helwan university – Pharmacy college in 2007. from that moment till now I worked in the Community pharmacy field in Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. nowadays I am Quality assurance manager of one of the powerful regional Pharmacy chains in Big Cairo.

also, I am fascinated with teaching my skills, Information, and experience to New generation of Fresh pharmacists hoping to develop the level of medical service in Egypt and Our region.

How to deal with different eye disorders in community pharmacy, and to be sure about giving the best medical options for your patient. also to monitor contra-indicated Cases and drug interactions. especially for the middle east area; Egypt & The gulf area.

we will talk about eye disorders. especially to reduce medical error in our countries where patients mainly self-medicate themselves.

first, we introduce the eye and anatomy. then we classify the most common disorders that come to us in community pharmacy. like :

1. allergic conjunctivitis

2. viral conjunctivitis

3. bacterial conjunctivitis

4. Dry eye syndrome

5. Eyelid disorders

Stye & Chalazion

6. Corneal injury

7. Foreign body inside eye

also, we will flash review the products found in Egyptian pharmacies. and when we prescribe it.

after finishing this course you will be able to make the right decision for every Patient case study,

best wishes to all of you

Pharmacist. Ahmed Alaa

Who this course is for:

  • Pharmacy students, Medical Student, fresh community pharmacist

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