Take the Fear out of Interviewing



  • The desire to improve interview skills


This course will provide small business owners and new leaders a framework for interviewing.   This course will allow small business leaders to spend more time focusing on hiring the right person for their team and less time trying to figure how to interview.  Small business owners are great at their type of business but may be less skilled in the interview process as well as HR strategies.  This course will allow you to do what you do best while assisting you with hiring for your business growth. It will provide you steps to follow throughout your interview process and provide you guidelines for the type of role you may need to fill. There is direction on the type of questions to ask as well as the types of questions to avoid asking in an interview.   This course will help you take the fear out of the interview process.

This course will help small business owners begin to get comfortable with interviewing and help begin to develop their interview skills. Interviewing is a process that can and will improve over time and with some practice.  This course will provide small business owners and new leaders a jumping off point to develop their interviewing skills.

Who this course is for:

  • Small business leaders that are growing their business and need/want to learn how to conduct an interview.
  • New business leaders beginning to build their teams.



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