Treat clients with Social Anxiety using ACT Therapy



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Treat clients with Social Anxiety using ACT Therapy

Use Acceptance & Commitment Therapy in your practice to help your clients manage anxiety

It is possible to ease your symptoms of social anxiety by yourself. This is a self-help course to train you with the necessary skills to overcome social anxiety. This course provides the right and structured information to help you deal with your anxiety.

My story will inspire you to achieve mastery over social anxiety, build confidence and live a courageous life. I’ve suffered from social anxiety and it cost me too much. I cured my social anxiety with the same techniques I share in this course. I learned this psychotherapy and became well-versed with this topic so that I can help more people.

Acceptance and commitment therapy invites people to open up to unpleasant feelings, and learn not to overreact to them, and not avoid situations where they are invoked. Its therapeutic effect is a positive spiral where feeling better leads to a better understanding of the truth.

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions, below.

1. Can this course really help me with anxiety/depression/trauma/agitated mind?

Yes. I have personally cured myself with it when everything else was failing. Teaching this to 1000s of students has changed their lives too.

2. Do I have to take professional advice and medications even after taking this course?

Yes. This course is not medical advice. The purpose of this course is to facilitate & compliment your existing treatment plan. If you are not seeing a therapist then this course will provide you with a step by step treatment plan to ease anxiety/depression/trauma/agitated mind.

I know investing in yourself and committing to learn this topic can be a small but important step, but I PROMISE YOU that you’ll be so glad you made it

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy has picked up many of the concepts and techniques as it is from these Buddhist teachings such as loving-kindness meditation, Acceptance of bodily sensations, and mindfulness. I have done Vipassana Meditation Course several times and I study dhamma material religiously. In this course, I try to give you a broader sense of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy that no other instructor can.

A powerful step by step program to help you:

  1. Understanding emotional problems is a new way
  2. Manage overwhelming thoughts, uncomfortable feelings, and past emotional garbage
  3. Become resilient and equanimous
  4. Start participating fully in the life you want
  5. Reconnect with your higher values
  6. Regain control of your thoughts, emotions, circumstances, and mind

This course is a powerful step by step program to help you:

  1. Understanding social anxiety is a new way
  2. Manage anxiety symptoms, thoughts and emotions
  3. Learn scientific relaxation exercises
  4. Become strong, resilient and equanimous
  5. Start participating fully in the life you want
  6. Reconnect with your higher values
  7. Regain control of your thoughts, emotions, and mind
  8. Understand yourself from a different perspective

This course also includes 20+ downloadable worksheets and guided meditations

About Instructor:

Aman Varma has undergone accredited course training in CBT practitioner, Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mental Health Practitioner, NLP Specialist Practitioner, Diploma in Psychological Counseling and Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology.

Who this course is for:

  • Professional Therapists & Counselors


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