Understanding the Basics for Great Customer Experiences



  • No previous experience needed. In this course you will learn the foundations of great customer experiences.


This course will give you a general understanding of the basic principles and elements of great customer experiences as an economic offering and approach for businesses to gain competitive advantage and reduce sensitivity to price. In a practical amusing way, this course is an introduction to the building blocks of great customer experiences and a general view of how they work together to emotionally engage customers, and is the foundation of the 11 courses that make up our CX certification programs.

We created this course to bring you the best content in customer experience because we believe that companies can have long term mutually beneficial relationships with their customers and have a sustainable and profitable relationship at the same time.

We designed the course to be engaging and effective, so you will not only learn but will also able to apply what you learned to your business context.

We do this with a process that we call Learn – See – Do – Extend.

  • Learn is about the methodology, approaches, theory behind the things that we do.
  • See are case studies illustrating the methodology, approaches, and theory in action.
  • Do are exercises where you’ll be engaged in applying the theory, methodology, approaches to some exercise scenario
  • Extend is where we engage you in how you will apply what you’ve learned to your business context.

Who this course is for:

  • All customer experience professionals wishing to increase the value and to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships with their customers
  • Any business that is looking for differentiation from competitors while being able to keep a price premium
  • Top and middle management wishing to design, build, measure, and manage experiential and transformational businesses
  • The content in this course is applicable to any industry: retail and shopping centers, banking, hospitality, pharmaceutical, etc.


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