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  • If you are a beginner Do not worry I will start from Scratch so everyone can follow the steps


Hi welcome to User Experience Interface Design Case Study, My name is Soli Art and you and I are going to create this beautiful Website and Mobile Application From a real world project from scratch in Adobe XD, if you are a total beginner or you have no idea where to start or what is the path to become a professional user experience designer this course is for you.

Adobe XD is a free and powerful tool for UX/UI designers giving you the power to design and prototype or animate an entire website or mobile app, all in one software.

You will learn Step by Steps:

  • The difference between UX or User Experience Design and UI or User Interface Design
  • How to navigate around the interface and work with tools
  • Do Assignments to get master in Designing in Adobe XD

· Assignment 1- Create Multiple Shapes

· Assignment 2 – Create an Owl – Complex shapes Working with Types

· Assignment 3- Create Typography with Shadows

· Masking images within a shape in Adobe XD

· Create an Instagram profile page for Tablet- Repeat Grid

· How to use components / Colors / Character Style in Libraries or assets panel

· Create a Responsive Website Design

· Real world project – problem statement – how to get the job?

· What is user research?

· Design Strategy

· How to create work timeline?

· How to do user interview?

· Create gathering insight and Design Strategy?

· How to do Market Research and Competitive Analysis by Creating Moodboard?

· How to Create a User Personas?

· How to create an Empathy Map and Get to know your customer

· Create User Journey Mapping or Customer journey Map

· How to Create User Flow?

· What is Card Sorting and how moodboard can help

· How to Create Information Architecture?

· How to Create Wireframes / Low fidelity wireframing?

  • Website Sizes & Grid System we should use – High fidelity wireframing

Who this course is for:

  • If you want to like the User Experience and User inreface Design UX/UI this course is for

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